As Baptists, we believe that every Christian is uniquely gifted to build up and serve the church, and that the leadership of the church is a responsibility shared by all who are called by God and the congregation.


Our staff is called to equip and enable the ministry of all believers here at Gibbon Baptist Church.

Rev. Dr. Jon Wymer

Pastor // Rev. Dr. Jon Wymer,

>> Pastor Jon is a third-generation Baptist minister who has been here at Gibbon Baptist since February 2018. He is a combat veteran and continues to serve part-time in the Nebraska Army National Guard as a chaplain. Pastor Jon and his family live in Gibbon.

Elaina Jones

Secretary // Elaina Jones,

>> Elaina is a second-generation church secretary who has been helping keep the church organized since Summer 2004. She grew up in Gibbon and has been part of Gibbon Baptist her whole life. Elaina was dedicated in our old building and baptized in our current facility.

Kindra Shiers

Custodian // Kindra Shiers

>> Kindra lives near Gibbon. She’s been helping us keep our facility clean and organized since March 2013.

Ministry Directors

Ministry directors are appointed by our elected leadership to provide direction to specific areas of ministry at Gibbon Baptist.

AWANA Co-Commander // Sheri Lyons

AWANA Co-Commander // DeeDee Muhlbach

Head Usher // Currently vacant

Music Director // Brooke Terzi

Youth Group Director // Celeste Schrage

Elected Leadership

Elected leaders are key leaders at Gibbon Baptist who are put in their position by vote of the members.

Pastor // Rev. Dr. Jon Wymer

Lay Moderator // Nancy Widdowson

Church Clerk // Elaina Jones

Treasurer // Jolene Holl

Financial Secretary // Steve Codner

Education Ministry Director // Wendy Thomas

Board of Deacons: // Colby Clevenger, Dan Clevenger, Rod Gangwish*, Randy Holl, Don Wellensiek, Joe Widdowson

Board of Finance: // Charity Allan, Amber Gapp*, Pat Manfull

Board of Missions: // Margaret Allan, Lois Ann Brandt*, Libby Manfull

Board of Trustees: // Jeff Burmood, Jane Gangwish*, John Rice, Glen Schrage, Roger Slack, Gilles Terzi

* = Chairperson

updated 1/23/2019