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Top Sermons of 2016

Feb 22, 2017

Based on feedback, youtube views, and my personal opinion, these are my top messages from 2016, ranked.

  1. "God Speaks in Unlikely Ways" 1 Samuel 5:1-7:2a. I wouldn't have attempted it, except it was required for a class. But my first attempt at a first-person message was impactful. Kids and adults alike loved it. One man asked if I could preach like that every week. I presented the message from the perspective of someone who was there, Kalathos, the commander of the Philistine armies. Kalathos, the Philistines, and the Israelites learned an important truth. Through this message, you too will experience God's power and holiness.
  2. What's the Bible All About? John 5:39. In this message I covered the whole sweep of the Bible, going through each book to tell what it is about, then showing how they all point forward to one person. This message is crammed full, and one man said it's the kind you listen to again and again.
  3. "Will I Like it There?" Isaiah 65:17-26. Though the entire Heaven series was well-loved, this one received the most feedback. One widow borrowed the DVD and watched it four times. Another woman diagnosed with terminal cancer found it uplifting. Isaac Asimov once said, “I don't believe in an afterlife, so I don't have to spend my whole life fearing hell, or fearing heaven even more. For whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be even worse.” Have you ever been afraid of heaven? This message addresses and corrects some of the fears we have about heaven, and talks about what kind of place it will actually be.
  4. "He Came for Joy" Luke 2:8-20. Though it was the last sermon of the year, and it was a small crowd because it was delivered on Christmas Day, it was on one of my favorite topics: joy. One person emailed me to tell me she had watched the message or parts of it 10 times. Want to be truly happy? Learn to grasp joy for yourselves in this message.
  5. "You're Not Alone" 1 Samuel 31. Though this wasn't a topic or a passage I would perfer to preach, it is part of God's Word, and therefore important. And though I didn't want to talk about it, this message had an ENORMOUSLY DEEP impact on those who heard it. For the dark and tragic story of Saul has a strange ending. In it we find a truth that will bring hope to the hopeless and light in our darkness.
  6. "I Am Transformed" Ephesians 4:17-24. I borrowed a mannequin for great visual effect for this message on transformation. How do we go from the person we are to the person we want to be? In this message discover the three must-haves of transformation. It's time for a new wardrobe because of the gospel.
  7. "The Sins of the Father" 2 Samuel 13-18. Does what we do as parents impact our children? This message was a special first-person sermon from David's perspective covering his mistakes and sins as a father so we can learn from them. This message is for fathers in particular and parents in general. Warning: this message references rape and violence.

What do you think? Which was your favorite? Did I miss one? Would you change the order?

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