Our Current Sermon Series:

Stand Out

We are called to be unique. To be different. In this series, be challenged to stand out.

Past Sermon Series

He Came for Me 


He Came for Me

In this Advent 2016 series, each week we looked at a different reason why Jesus came. For he came to bring us peace, love, hope, joy, and so much more. This series also included a brief message from Christmas Eve tying the whole series together because Jesus came for you and for me.

2 Samuel 11-24: A Royal Mess 


A Royal Mess

Adultery. Murder. Rebellion. Things are about to get interesting for David. In October and November of 2016 we entered our final series in the books of Samuel. This series covers Bathsheba, Absalom, and so much more as we learn from the darker chapters of David's life. 2 Samuel 11-24. Crown artwork was created by Erika Jessop.

2 Samuel 1-10: A Better King 


A Better King

In this election cycle, we have all thought about leaders and what it takes to be a good one. As we look at the first ten chapters of 2 Samuel, we see Israel's second king, David, begin his reign. We will examine what makes him a better king than Saul, which will teach us important lessons for our lives. It will also point us forward to an even better king.

Because of the Gospel 


Because of the Gospel

A short vision series for our church. Why we do what we do. The Gospel is at the heart of who we are, why we exist, and what we do.

1 Samuel 16-31: After God's Own Heart 


After God's Own Heart

What sets David apart? Why is he special? Why would he be called a "man after God's own heart?" We continue our study of 1 Samuel in chapters 16 to 31 to learn how we to can learn from the example of David and our ultimate king, Jesus.

1 Samuel 8-15: Give Us A King! 


Give Us a King!

We continue our study of 1 Samuel in chapters 8 to 15. We are introduced to the misunderstood first king of Israel, Saul. Learn about life and leadership from these powerful OT stories.

Heaven: Questions Answered 


Heaven: Questions Answered

Do you have questions about heaven? We all do. We take a break from our study of 1 Samuel (chapters 1-7 "God Speaks" and 8-15 "Give Us A King!") to find out about heaven. 

1 Samuel 1-7: God Speaks 


God Speaks

Over the course of the next year plus (we will take a few breaks), we will examine the books of Samuel. We will look at a nation, Israel, seeking a leader. Would it be Eli, the priest? Or Samuel, the special child? Would it be the tall warrior, Saul? Or the shepherd boy, David? We will examine these characters, and the many interesting people and situations around them. And through them we will learn what Godwants from a leader. 1 & 2 Samuel are one epic story. It is true history. It actually happened. But it is God’s history. Through it God is teaching us vital lessons about life, faith, and leaders.

For the Bible Tells Me So 


For the Bible Tells Me So

When we were small children, hearing the phrase, “for the Bible tells me so” or “because God says so” was all the reasoning we needed to know whether something was right or something was wrong. This was fine then, but as we grow up we start to have questions about the Bible. During each of the five Sunday mornings in January 2016 we will examine questions like: Is the Bible relevant today? Does it have errors? Does it contradict itself? Can we trust it? In addition to Sunday messages about the Bible, we will have a special Q&A time after the message each Sunday when you can ask your questions about the Bible.

Malachi: A Messenger Prepares the Way 


A Messenger Prepares the Way

In November and December of 2015 we jumped into a book that, if you know anything about it, you know it is the last book of the Old Testament. Malachi. Malachi relates a message from God answering six different criticisms that God’s people were struggling with. Wouldn’t you like God to directly answer some of your questions about him? For example, the first criticism they have for God is, how can you love us if things are going so badly in our lives right now? Hmm, it seems like our questions are the same today as they were 2500 years ago. Malachi also foretells the coming of a messenger who would prepare the way for the Messiah. What’s more intriguing is that the name Malachi literally means “my messenger” in Hebrew. It’s as if God is basically saying, “Here is a message about a messenger through my messenger.” In other words, “LISTEN UP!”

1 Corinthians 12-14: Connect in Christ 


Connect in Christ

No man is an island. You are not meant to be by yourself, but in a community. Jesus established a community for us to thrive in and impact the world through: the church. This series will move through 1 Corinthians 12 to 14. September to November 2015.

All People 


All People

God's plan for the world aren't limited to you. They are for ALL PEOPLE. In this vision series, we learned the practical things we can do to reach all people with the gospel that is intended for all people. This four-week series took place in August and September of 2015.

Samson: The Strongest Man in the World 


The Strongest Man in the World

In the summer of 2015, we tackled the question, "Why Samson?" For five weeks, we examined the life of Samson through a series entitled “The Strongest Man in the World.” Through this series we not only learned the importance of Samson’s birth, life, and death in the Bible but its application for our lives as well. We have much to learn from Samson. Through him we learned that even the strongest human has his flaws; even Superman has his kryptonite. We gleaned important life lessons that apply to all of us. And we were pointed to the One who is even stronger than Samson.

Seasons of Life 


Seasons of Life: From Sunday April 26th to July 12th, we dug in together into the Bible to learn the wisdom and instruction God has for us for each season of life. Each week we focused on Scripture addressed to those in our church in a specific season. Childhood, Youth, Parenting, Etc.

Nehemiah: Build the Wall 

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Build the Wall: In early 2015, we examined the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. Have you ever looked around you and seen brokenness? Perhaps in your family, relationships, or community? In Nehemiah’s day, he saw his people struggling without a home or an identity. From Nehemiah’s courageous action to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem we can learn to rebuild the brokenness around us.

James: Authentic 


Authentic: In Fall 2014, we dove into James in a series called “James: Grow Authentic Faith.” James is a letter written by Jesus’ younger brother, James, to Christians like you and me who have a long way to go. But James, like his older brother, doesn’t want people who look good, or even act good around others (see Matthew 23). What he wants is what God wants, real faith. True faith. Authentic faith.

The Psalms of Ascent: Songs for the Journey 


Songs for the Journey: Each Sunday in the summer of 2014 we dove into a new Psalm in the Psalms of Ascent. The Psalms of Ascent are a series of 15 Psalms (from Psalm 120 to 134) that were sung by pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. Through each message, learn a new song for a different aspect of your life. You can find out more about the series here, or learn how it will apply to your life here, also, check out and download the devotional here.



NewAre you ready for something new? From April 27th to May 25th 2014, we went through a sermon series called "new" that examined what it means to be "new" in Christ.

Matthew: The Real Jesus 


The Real JesusFrom December 2012 to Easter 2014 (with some breaks mixed in) Pastor Matt preached through the gospel of Matthew to help us find the Real Jesus. We all have ideas of who Jesus is and what he is like. But instead of keeping an idea in our minds or listening to what other people say about him, we want to find the real Jesus.