Sunday Morning Offerings:

Sunday Connect Hour

On Sunday morning we have classes and connect groups for all ages

Come check one out at 9AM.

Children's Church

During the sermon on Sunday mornings, the kids receive an age-appropriate message in Children's Church.

We offer classes for Pre-K up to 4th grade.

Nursery is also available for infants through 3 years.

We could use a few more volunteers! Interested?


Revelation is the last book of the Bible and is full of bizarre images and visions, which can be overwhelming to the modern reader. However, the book both begins (1:3) and ends (22:7) with a blessing pronounced to the ones who obey the “words of the prophecy of this book”. This means that Revelation is meant to be practical for every day living. Beginning September 18 at 9AM Doug Cline will teach Revelation in the adult class. The emphasis will be on the flow of the major themes and how Revelation can make a different in daily life.

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